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Celebrating National Florist Day Honoring the Magic Makers of the Flower Industry

Celebrating National Florist Day: Honoring the Magic Makers of the Flower Industry


Floristry is more than just giving flowers; it's about giving a feeling. Every petal holds the power to evoke emotions and create memories. The industry's unofficial catchphrase, "goosebumps in every petal," encapsulates this beautifully. Flowers and plants are not only visually stunning but also scientifically proven to lift spirits, create calm, and enhance productivity. What’s not to love? Florists offer comfort and joy through their work, helping us mark life’s most important moments with artistry and beauty.

National Florist Day: A Celebration of Craft and Creativity

The florist industry touches nearly every life at one stage or another, and National Florist Day is a time to celebrate that and those who make the magic happen. This year's event was a spectacular celebration, thanks to the amazing support of Philip Hammond, head florist at The Dorchester Hotel, London, and the generosity of the hotel itself. The National Florist Day launch was a fabulous showcase of what the industry is all about.

Thanks to the Patrons and Ambassadors who, along with Florist Magazine, made this project possible. They gathered to see the website go live and celebrate the official start of the first-ever Awareness Day for the industry. The event also included some extra and very special guests, making the celebration even more memorable.

A Full Circle of Floral Excellence

Caroline Marshall-Foster, founder and host, explained in her opening speech how the event brought the flower industry full circle. She invited young florists who had responded to her call for interviewees and some of the Flower Magicians who have embraced the concept wholeheartedly. Speaking after the official ribbon—or rather bunting—cut using Oasis® Floral Products scissors, an emotional Caroline expressed her delight at seeing a random idea suggested at a GFG Council meeting come to life.

Florist Magazine, celebrating its 75th year, continues to connect the entire industry, from growers like Marginpar, who provided a fabulous range of flowers for guests to create their own floral crowns, to Meijer, creators of the world-renowned Avalanche rose and The Dorchester rose that adorned the tables.

Honoring the Industry's Future: Young Guns

Among the highlights of National Florist Day was recognizing the young talents who represent the future of floristry. One standout is Oli Low, an apprentice at Booker Flowers & Gifts in Liverpool. Oli, who has autism and Asperger's, has been chosen as one of the Young Guns, marking him as a rising star and the future of floristry. His dedication and passion for the craft are truly inspiring. Oli is currently studying at the Sheffield School of Floristry while working at Booker Flowers & Gifts, proving that the industry is inclusive and full of opportunities for everyone.


Moving Forward: A Three-Week Countdown

As National Florist Day moves into the final stages, with just three weeks until the big day, the focus turns to the florists and suppliers who are planning brilliant events, competitions, giveaways, and social media stories. This is the time to show consumers that floristry is much more than playing with flowers; it's an industry that turns dreams into reality and expresses every single emotion.

A Day of Inspiration and Celebration

The guest list for National Florist Day included an incredible array of people who shared ideas, inspiration, and support throughout the day. From Patrons like Stephanie Gillespie and Paul Southwick of OASIS® Floral Products to Ambassadors such as Philip Hammond from The Dorchester, London, and the talented young florists like Oli Lowe, the event was a testament to the vibrant and supportive community that makes up the floral industry.

As the main event approaches, Booker Flowers & Gifts celebrates the artistry, creativity, and dedication of florists everywhere. National Florist Day is not just a day of recognition; it’s a day of inspiration and a reminder of the beauty that floristry brings into our lives.

Join Booker Flowers & Gifts in honoring these incredible individuals and the magic they create with every petal. Follow our social media channels for videos and more updates as we count down to National Florist Day, celebrating an industry that truly brings "goosebumps in every petal




Join Booker Flowers and Gifts this National Florist Day to spread joy and support Nugent Care. For a minimum donation of £1, nominate someone special to receive a bouquet. Enter in-store or online. All proceeds benefit Nugent Care, a charity dedicated to improving health, life chances, and quality of life for those in need. Celebrate flowers and philanthropy with us!

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